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Every CNC control retrofit is different. Sometimes the servo motors can be reused saving time and dollars. If daily reliability is your goal, all new electronics including new servo motors is what you will want. CNC Machines built with proprietary control hardware require that everything be replaced.

Then there is the question of how much of the installation you are wanting or able to contribute. All of these issues are considered when quoting your CNC control retrofit project.

Request a quotation.

We provide an informational worksheet to be used as a guide. It works best to print this page then email it back along with several photos. We can generate a budgetary quotation for your control upgrade project after receiving these details.
Download and print the appropriate worksheet at

Complete the appropriate informational work sheet. Take several photos of your machine including the Servo motor label, Servo drive label, Spindle drive (VFD) as well as a couple of wide shots of the machine itself & the electrical enclosure. When you have gathered these details, email everything to Machines in Motion, Inc.
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