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Machines in Motion logo Started in 1997 Machines in Motion, Inc. has been integrating new Centroid CNC controls onto every kind of machine imaginable. Mills and Lathes of course. VTL, Water Jet cutters, and Routers, as well as some unique control applications such as Laser cutting machines, Production brush manufacturing machines, production engraving machines, home built machine tools, Cylindrical and surface grinders. Every machine we upgrade is one of a kind. Even the most common CNC "Bridgeport knee mills" will have variations from one machine to the next. Identifying specific machine hardware and selecting the appropriate CNC control features "Engineering" is what we do. After 19 years there is a good change that Machines in Motion, Inc. has upgraded a machine very similar to yours.

At Machines in Motion we spend most of our time working in Southern California however, every customer is just a plane ride away. We currently have customers in 16 states throughout the continental United States.

Needing a control retrofit quotation? Download our machine worksheet. Fill in the details about your specific machine then return this document along with several photos. We will generate a budgetary quotation for your review and consideration.
At Machines in Motion, Inc. our skill sets are unique. Reverse engineering custom built machine tools is something we excel at. Just because no one else has been able to upgrade or repair your machine doesn't mean it can't be done. Give us a call.
Technical support:
Customers who have purchased complete CNC control upgrades with our professional installation receive lifetime technical support via email, text, or phone. Machines in Motion is here to support your CNC business. For customers who purchase do it yourself kits we offer 30 days of free technical support. Please contact us for more info.
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